rSeize has been released

Custom Linux distro for everyday onsite computer support and repair.

Based on openSuse 12.1 and Includes software from Ryan Silva Photography:

Command Tools
adstop – Application to Help Stop Ads vi hosts file
applicense – Application License Generator
asciisaver – Ascii Screen Saver
bmp2txt – Bitmap to Text Converter
cipher – Easy Cipher Decoder
codec#11 – Encoding/Decoding Program
cpu – CPU Burn in program
cpucheck – CPU Error Check program
dircreate – Creates some default folders
fantasyname – Fantasy Name Generator
genkeys – Key generator for Codec#11
hash – File hash
hdlock – Hard Driver Encoding/Decoding Program (Linux
and Mac Only)
hexdump – Dump a file to HEX
hexedit – Simple Hex Editor
ipodbook – iPod Note file maker
rjoin – Simple Joining Program
macmaint – Program to help run periodic scripts on the Mac for Maintenance
newfile – New Blank file maker
passgen – Random Password Generator
retview – Ret File Viewer (EncPad files)
rsplit – Simple File Splitter
steg – Encoding/Decoding Steganography Program
storystarter – Program to help start a story
sysinfo – Display System Information (Linux Only)
tinycodec – Smaller version of Codec #11
txt2ret – Converter to convert Text files into ret
files (EncPad files)
verbname – Generates a Verb/Noun Name
wordai – Word gathering and searching program

Plus more….