CommandTools Update

I just had a chance to go through and create a major release of CommandTools. Let me know what you think of the new tools you can email me at:

Here is the list of changes over the last couple of weeks:

3/08/2012 -Added MiniCodec into Codec11 – Now if you use the -nokey switch it does not
require a key file
Moved MiniCodec Out because it is not needed with Codec11 taking its place
Moved NewFileMulti out because it is not needed with NewFile taking its place

-Built Command Line parsing tool
-Working my way through all the apps to implement as needed
-FantasyName – Complete
-RetViewer – Complete (Also included Txt2Ret function)
-TextToRet – Complete

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Photos from Cebu

I had a wonderful time taking this photo while I was in the Philippines, not just during the time I spent walking around Cebu but even more meeting new people, getting to know the culture, and making new friends. I would very much love to go back soon. 😉 The stay there just wasn’t long enough…  Hey, maybe even get talked into trying some Balut while I am there next time with friends… 😉